Friday, April 09, 2021

Saturday 9

The Bones (2019)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) The lyrics compare a relationship to a house, saying that despite superficial problems like peeling paint or broken glass, the foundation can still be solid and strong. What home improvement project is next on your list? I am having my bedroom air conditioner re-installed with a bracket so it won't hang out the window at an angle. Not a very exciting answer, is it?

2) Maren Morris sings that she knows she and her lover can face any storm. Are you afraid of thunder and lightening? Nope.

3) The video for this song shows Maren and her husband, singer/songwriter Ryan Hurd, on the beach in Maui. Would you rather go for a long walk along a beach or a hike in the woods? The woods. My skin burns so easily and water is very reflective.
4) "The Bones" won Morris and her collaborators (Jimmy Robbins and Laura Veltz) the 2020 CMA "Song of the Year" Award. Here's your chance to pat yourself on the back. What's something you have done well lately? (Go ahead. We want to hear about it!) My day-to-day client contact kept telling me in her emails that "Sara" likes my work. Yeah, whatever. I don't know this "Sara." After all, she never shows up at our meetings. I finally asked my coworkers why I'm supposed to care about "Sara." Turns out she's the Chief Marketing Officer for her whole damn company. "Sara" decides where their $25 million marketing budget is spent, so it's very important that she appreciates my efforts. I'm now quite proud of her praise.

5) The song was also nominated for a Grammy for Best Country Song. For the awards show last month, Maren put a lot of work into her look, including lightening her hair and lipstick and reshaping her brows. She was surprised when saw on social media that people confused her with reality star Khloe Kardashian. How long does it take you to prepare to face the world (on an average day, not for an internationally telecast awards show)? It takes as long as I allow it to. I can shower, do my hair and makeup and brush my teeth in 30 minutes ... or two hours. I am  easily distracted. Going from the bathroom to the bedroom for my eye shadow/mascara, it could occur to me that I'm thirsty. So I take a detour to the kitchen, where my phone is charging. Oh, look, I have a text from John! I can't just answer it -- I always attach a gif. Why did I come in the kitchen? Oh yeah, ice water. You see the problem ...
6) Experimenting with hair and makeup comes naturally to Maren. Her parents have owned the same hair salon for decades. She and her sister played there as children and took turns working the reception desk when they were in high school. Do you have a hair appointment scheduled? Saturday. I may be having my locks shorn as you read this.
7) Mom and Dad do not go out of their way to play Maren's songs in their salon. They don't want to "bombard" clients with her music, just because she's their daughter. But, if one of Maren's songs happens to come on, they are naturally very proud. Where were you the last time you had to listen to someone else's choice of music? (Bank, doctor's office, friend's car, etc.) Did you enjoy it, or did you wish you could change the station? En route to the dermatologist last week, I heard Van Morrison's "Moondance" in the Uber. Then, when I was checking in at the reception desk, I heard "Moondance" again! What are the odds? I mentioned this to the girl at the desk, who was nowhere near as amazed by this coincidence as I was.
8) Maren says her favorite foods are tacos and tortillas. When did you most recently eat Mexican food? A long, long time ago. I don't even remember.

9) Random question: What do you call that thing in your living room? Is it a sofa, couch, or a davenport? Sofa.

My wish is its command

The new TV is set up. The first thing I asked my voice remote was for A Hard Day's Night, and there it was!

The picture is beautiful. Paul is beautiful. The sound is fabulous. Paul is fabulous.

I can't wait to watch the Cubs! (But I must; no game today.)

I still have to program Netflix* and Amazon Prime into it. And my DVD player is now a useless paperweight that will have to be replaced. 

But these are quibbles. More channels, higher quality and a remote I can boss around. Welcome to 2015, Gal!

 *Thanks, Snarky!

RIP Prince Philip

In the spring of 1965, 4-year-old John Kennedy Jr. was feeling overwhelmed at the dedication of the Runnymede Memorial to his father and instinctively grabbed Prince Philip's hand. It is against protocol for anyone to initiate physical contact with HRH. The Royal must offer his or her hand first. Prince Philip let the rules slide and squeezed back. I liked him for that.