Friday, May 05, 2023

Saturday 9

 Saturday 9: Come On-A My House (1951)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this week's song, Rosemary Clooney offers us candy, peaches, pears, grapes, cake, etc. What tasty treat are you craving this morning? Right now I'm craving oatmeal. When I have these cravings, I respond and so I shall whip up a bowl.
2) The song was co-written by a pair of cousins more famous for their other jobs. William Saroyan was a Pulitzer Prize winning author and Ross Bagdasarian created Alvin and the Chipmunks. Tell us about one of your cousins. My favorite cousin is so cool! Talented on the trombone, he taught music at the community college and played in the orchestra pit when Broadway shows came to Chicago. When he turned 50 and both of his kids were on their own, he decided to make a change. He's switched to art. When he's not painting himself, he's renting himself out as a "curator for hire" (who knew there was such a thing?) for art shows. I admire his creativity. And his marriage. He and his wife seem happy and supportive.

3) The song was inspired by the cousins' recollection of their Armenian relatives encouraging friends and family to visit by promising lots of food. Who most recently invited you to their home? What was the occasion? My friends Nancy and Paul invited me over because we hadn't been together in a while. I flipped it a little and treated them to lunch at a dive bar near me. I wanted to celebrate her birthday, and it seemed crappy to expect her to cook for herself.

4) This was a big hit for Rosemary Clooney. She got her start singing live on Cincinnati's WLW radio station. Today WLW is an all-news station. When you were a kid, what radio station did you tune into for the hits and new music? WLS. Musicradio 89. I listened to Larry Lujack as I got ready for school and did my homework to Bob Sirrott. Alas, now it's conservative talk radio (Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro). 

5) Rosemary was also an actress, appearing in motion pictures and made-for-TV movies. The most famous is 1954's White Christmas. Have you seen it? Yes. It's not a favorite, but it's ubiquitous at Christmastime.

5) Yes, Rosemary Clooney is related George Clooney. She was his aunt. She appeared with him on ER and received an Emmy Award nomination. Do you enjoy doctor shows? Not really. I don't know why.

7) In 1951, when this song was #1, Yankees superstar Joe DiMaggio retired from baseball. He remained in the public eye, endorsing products and acting as Major League Baseball's ambassador around the world. His second marriage, a few years after his retirement, was almost as legendary as his baseball career. Without looking it up, do you know who his bride was? Yes. Perhaps you recognize her.

8) Also in 1951, I Love Lucy premiered and has never been off the air since. That's right: for 72 years, without interruption, viewers have been entertained by the Ricardos and Mertzes. When you think of I Love Lucy, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Lucy and Ethel want to bring home the ultimate Hollywood souvenir: John Wayne's cement footprints from in front of the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. When I was out there last month, waiting in line to see movies for the TCM Classic Film Festival, I passed Wayne's footprints often  and every time, I thought of the girls.

My photo from last month

9) Random question -- You're playing roulette and suddenly doubled your winnings. Do you walk away when you're ahead, or do you stay at the table to play your winning streak? Neither. I'd make one more modest wager. If I won, I'd assume my streak was continuing and play on. If I didn't? I walk away.