Sunday, May 30, 2021

Little Gal, Happy at Last

Walking through my neighborhood today, enjoying the sunshine, listening to the Cubs in my headphones, I was happy

Happy to see faces again and not masks -- though we are respectful enough of one another to still wear them indoors. It's nice to smile at people and, especially dogs. (I like dogs!) 

Happy that I'm healthy this Memorial Day, happy that the country seems to be healing after the pandemic, the heartbreak of George Floyd and the horror of January 6. Knowing that the country they died for is back on track to being a more perfect union must help some of our late servicemen and women rest more peacefully.

Happy that I was picking up barbecue spare ribs from my favorite Chinese restaurant. (Gotta remember to check that fortune.)

Happy, happy, happy.

I hope you're enjoying a similarly happy, healthy, reflective Memorial Day.