Friday, December 09, 2022

Starting to get it

I'm writing this Friday evening. Looking over the last two days, I think my retired life is slowly starting to take shape.

This transition has been tougher than I expected. My last day of work was October 27. So it's been one month and 13 days. In that time I've been to the dentist, the oral surgeon, the urologist and the hospital for an MRI. I worked with advisors from Fidelity to transition my employer 401k to a personal IRA. I've also made two trips to Illinois Employment and spent a ton of time on the phone regarding Medicare. I wasn't expecting it all to be this complicated. 

I've also had the blues. My dear friend Henry is fading. I suspect this Christmas will be rough. Tomorrow he is being released from the psych ward, where his dementia has been evaluated and his medications recalibrated. I must be realistic about this. I noticed a precipitous slide in his condition between Christmas 2020 and Christmas 2021. In the past year, he has been in the mental hospital three separate times. It's possible that next year he won't even know me anymore. I must enjoy this Christmas with him somehow because I appreciate it will be our last. My friend of 30 years is disappearing.

But I'm getting the hang of retirement. Since the insurance/unemployment/investment stuff is ironed out and I don't believe I have any medical/dental appointments for the next three weeks. My gifts are all purchased, the ones traveling out of state are on their way.

So I have had the luxury of kicking back. I've spent the last two days just chilling. Just doing for myself.*

•  I signed up for yoga! I need to chill the fuck out. Yoga should help with that. My chiropractor thinks it will be good for my back. Having somewhere to go at a scheduled time will help give my life structure. And it's free (or, more precisely, provided "at no additional cost") through my United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plan. My first class is definitely next Thursday. I may also slip one in on Tuesday. We'll see.

• I got my Winter 2022 pedi. Same color as last year: Essie Mrs. Always Right. Mostly I enjoyed the pampering. It's been a while since I had anything resembling a spa treatment.

I'm going to Hollywood! I got my pass to the TCM Classic Film Festival in April. It's my nerd passion and I'm indulging! Seems the crew from last year also got passes. It will be lovely to reunite.

* I started a box. Of stuff to take to Goodwill. This place is so overstuffed that I literally cannot walk through my den. I'm going to spend 10 minutes every day adding to that box. As I see the stuff disappear, I predict I'll feel lighter.

*Country Dew, I listened to you! Thanks.