Thursday, November 26, 2020

Color Me Happy

I'm thankful that TCM is giving me a night-into-day Hitchcock marathon! It begins with Rear Window, which is one of his more accessible movies -- visually perfect, terrific cast, great plot.

And it has THE GREEN SUIT. In just about all of filmdom, I can think of no outfit I love more. Edith Head, celadon green (which would be a good color on me). I love how it goes from prim to seductive, just by removing the jacket. Sigh.



My Thanksgiving Wish

My friends, John and Gregory, and I traditionally spend "Orphans' Thanksgiving" or "Friendsgiving" together. But Gregory has refused to even entertain ways we could celebrate, feeling that because of our ages (I'm the baby at 63) we should forgo it this year. I respect that, and see the wisdom in it. 

But my wish is that next year the three of us are together -- dressed in our holiday best, seated in a booth, near Chicago's official tree and watching the skaters twirl around the Millennium Park rink.

In the meantime, I'm recalling what our minister reminded us last week ... no matter how uncomfortable or unfamiliar the world feels right now, there is still much to be thankful for. So now I'm going to focus on those positives ...

•  Our minister loves us enough to keep our doors closed and continues leading our worship online

•  I have good health insurance and a doctor I trust nearby

•  All the same, I'm grateful that I just took my temperature and it's 98.3ยบ

•  My furbabies are purring and playing and cleaning their plates (I feel my responsibility for their safety keenly and am grateful they're OK)

•  I have not missed a paycheck and have the flexibility to work from home

•  My new boss is a mensch

•  My newly-wedded niece is still basking in the joy of having her wedding on the day she wantd

•  My nephew, who has battled depression in the past, seems to be finding his footing in the world

•  I will soon no longer have to worry about what hate mongering or conspiracy theory my President has tweeted overnight

•  I am surrounded by books and magazines and have a DVR filled with movies to nourish me when I'm lonesome

What about you? What thoughts lighten your spirit with gratitude today?