Thursday, February 11, 2016

Health on the Homefront

Updates on me and Joe.

Joey. Every time he hears my key in the door, he trots on over to greet me, tail held high. Last night I dumped my laptop bag on the tile floor and Joey found this thrilling, right there beside me as I rifled through the contents. And he still enjoys cuddles and meals and snacks. Yes, he's dying. He continues to lose weight and he's quite wobbly at times. But I am satisfied that he is still a happy cat. As long as his life gives him pleasure, I'm determined to let him enjoy it.

Moi. As the specialist advised, I've begun adding foods to my diet, day by day. Wednesday I had fresh vegetables for the first time this year. They were in a big bowl of vegetable soup, and I loved the the peas and celery and spinach. Today I had Lean Cuisine spaghetti with meat sauce (but alas, still no cheese). My first Lean Cuisine of the year. I dearly loved the taste of beef. Hopefully my gut welcomes these additions.