Thursday, July 10, 2014

July Journaling Challenge/Playing Catch Up

Day 8 -- Best Friend

He's out east right now, on a family vacation planned around universities his daughter wants to visit. He shot me a photo of The Green Monster after catching a White Sox/Red Sox game in Boston earlier this week.

I've blogged extensively about him and our relationship, so to rise to the challenge, as it were, I'll write something I've never shared before:  Looking back, the thing that cemented our friendship is that he usually sees the best in me. To him, I'm not obsessive, I'm dedicated. I'm not overbearing, I'm enthusiastic. It's as though the things about me that frequently make others want to smother me in my sleep are the very things he finds virtuous. That makes him very comforting to be around.

It's nice for me to pause and remember that, too, since there have been quite a few times in the last year that I've been tempted to smother him in his sleep, too. It's important for me to stop and appreciate what makes him quite wonderful.

Day 9 -- Favorite Things about Winter

Maybe it's because of the holidays, but everyone seems to be merrier in winter. Hot weather has a negative impact on our collective mood here in Chicagoland. When the mercury tops 85ยบ for two days in a row, we start snarling at one another. But when it's winter, we smile and hold doors for one another.

Day 10 -- Dream Travel Destination

Right now, anywhere. I missed my annual spring spa getaway this year because I'm using the funds and the time off on my upcoming new medicine chest/bathroom lighting.

The aspect of travel that appeals to me most right now is waking up in a hotel room after spending the night on high thread count sheets. I love the big fluffy bath towels and the complimentary shampoo and conditioner. I don't often get room service, but I like having the option of ordering it.

I'm traveling a lot year end. Los Angeles in October, Las Vegas in November and Key West for Christmas. That's three different hotels in my future!