Wednesday, June 18, 2014

There'll be some changes made

I liked my original trainer, DeWayne. He was equal parts cheerleader and task master. I wanted to do better each week so I could show him my improvement.

After four weeks I fell off the personal trainer bandwagon. I got busy at work ... I got a cold I couldn't shake ... I didn't schedule an appointment with DeWayne at all in May.

Apparently I'm not the only one who liked him. His schedule is now full with new clients and he doesn't have space for me anymore!

Last night I met my new trainer, Alex. He's a baby-faced, doe-eyed sadist.

The moves he had me doing were too complicated. He jumps he suggested were too ambitious. I left last night feeling like a failure.

That's not right. After all, I'm paying for this abuse.

I want to be challenged. But I also want to feel like I'm accomplishing something, not disappointing the populace.

So next week, at the beginning of our session, I'm going to explain my concerns to Alex. Hopefully he will hear me. If not, I'm going to request a different trainer.

BTW, that photo is of Marilyn Monroe, showing a LIFE magazine photographer how she maintained those famous curves. Actress/model Elizabeth Hurley started a rumor that MM was fat by today's standards. Marilyn was (usually) a size 10 and a fit one, at that. And Elizabeth Hurley is a bitch.

And I love him

It's Sir Paul's birthday. Celebrate accordingly.