Sunday, November 05, 2017

Sunday Stealing


{1} First thing you would do/buy if you won the lottery:
This makes me kinda sad, since I had long wanted to replace the fence at my mother's house with my lottery winnings. But she's gone and the house isn't hers anymore. SO I'll double my retirement savings and if there's any left over, I'll (finally!) finish my bathroom. If there's still any left over, I'll take my nephew to Washington DC. He so wants to go, and it would be the perfect high school graduation gift for him.

{2} First person you call when you get amazing news:
Depends on the news. My life is kinda compartmentalized.
Reynaldo can be very understanding
{3} First thing you do when you've had a bad day:
Reach for Reynaldo.
{4} First movie you went to without your parents:
A re-release of Hayley Mills' Parent Trap.
{5} First sport you played (Little League-style or in school):
Other than mandatory PE class, it would be volleyball. (I suck at sports.)
{6} First major injury:
When I was a preschooler, I fell down the stairs and broke my clavicle.

{7} First product I use in the shower: 
Aveeno Ultra Calming Facial Cleanser
{8} First apartment or house on your own (away from you parents!):
A studio with lovely hardwood floors and a spiral staircase. I was very happy there for a long time. But I'm glad I no longer rent. Amazingly, that little apartment costs more in rent than my current mortgage payment on a 2BR condo.
{9} First Roommate(s):  
I've never had a roommate. Never shared a room with my sister. Never went away to college so I wasn't in a dorm. While I've "shacked up" (as my parents' generation liked to say) with a man or two, I never gave up my own apartment.
{10} First Time Living Away from Home: 
The apartment mentioned in #8. 
I loved you, Bobby.
{11} First magazine subscription:
In junior high, I paid for a subscription to FAVE with my allowance.
{12} First real piece of jewelry you owned:
I have no precious stones of my own. When my mom died, my sisters decided I should have her engagement/wedding rings. I never wear them. I suppose if times get tough, I can sell them. (My parents did not have a happy marriage and it's hard for me to get sentimental about these rings.)

{13} First time staying home alone:
My parents and sisters went out to dinner but I begged to stay home and they let me. I looooooved it.
{14} First thing I reach for in the fridge:
{15} First car accident or traffic violation:
I don't drive.

Bonus:  Toilet paper, over or under? 
Over. I feel very strongly about this. 


Or I could just sleep

This was one of those rainy days when nothing went right. I overslept ... the sky was gray and the drizzle was continuous ...  my optometrist stood me up (the office was locked tight and no one was answering the phone) ... I'm worried about my friend in California, and about Henry, who has fresh new money troubles on top of his ongoing ones ... The book I'm reading has become unremittingly sad ... I'm discouraged about my own inertia. I got a freelance assignment from a friend-of-a-friend and I just haven't done anything on it. I literally can't afford to be so lackadaisical about this side job.

So what did I do? I napped.

I woke up and ate dinner. Then I went back to bed.

Am I worn down by worry? Will all this sleep leave me feeling rejuvenated?

Or am I sliding into depression?

Stay tuned ...