Thursday, September 13, 2012

My mom died

At about 2:30 this morning. I guess she had a heart attack. It doesn't actually matter, as long as it was peaceful and I'm assured it was. I think she was just tired of being sick.

I am very numb and very tired and I know I will miss her enormously. But right now I keep hearing this Carly Simon song in my head ...

Can you clear up the mystery of the Sphinx?
Do you know any more about God?
Are you dancing with Benjamin Franklin
On the face of the moon?
Have you reconciled with Dad?
Does the rain still make you sad?
Last night I swear I could feel you
Moving through my room
And I thought you touched my feet
I so wanted it to be true
And in my theater there is a stage
And a footlight you can always step into...
I'll wait no more for you like a daughter,
That part of our life together is over
But I will wait for you, forever
Like a river...

In the river I know I will find the key

And your voice will rise like the spray
In the moment of knowing
The tide will wash away my doubt
'Cause you're already home
Making it nice for when I come home
Like the way I find my bed turned down
Coming in from a late night out.
Please keep reminding me
Of what in my soul I know is true