Friday, October 07, 2016

Cubs 1 - Giants 0

Game One is in the record books. It was a classic pitchers duel -- Jon Lester vs. Johnny Cueto. A real nail biter until the 8th inning when Javier Baez sent one over the wall.

Now, if you'll excuse me, this happy but exhausted little Cub fan has to collapse into her bed.

No, no, they can't take that away from me

Tonight's the night! After 161 games over 5 months, here we are. My heroes in Cubbie blue take on the Giants in the first round of the NLDS.

I'm watching the game at home tonight. Yes, Wrigleyville will be party central, but I won't be there. This game is simply too important -- and I'm too short -- to try to follow it closely in a bar. I know my friend John would be up for watching it with me, but nah. This is between me and my guys.

Of course I've got Hurricane Matthew on my mind these days. Poor Barb and her hubby are not only battling his/her cancer, they're looking at destruction of their retirement property in Hilton Head; I have family in/around Tampa and friends closer than family in Key West.

But I refuse to let it ruin this for me. Someone who knows me very well observed, "You're always happiest when you have baseball." And it's true.

My Cousin Rose traipsed all over Poland, looking for her heritage. Mine is no further away than Clark and Addison. I'm a third generation Cub fan on both sides of my family. My blood is Cubbie blue.

• My favorite grandpa taught me how to watch the Cubs. It's about the moments. "Did you see a good play in the outfield?" he'd ask. "Was your beer cold? Did you feel the sun? Then it was a good game." And so I notice the moments. KB's sweet swing. Rizzo's stretch with one foot on the bag. Jake's follow through. Lester's elbow! I love you guys.

• My favorite grandma loved these guys, too. Ryne Sandberg were her favorite. She looked so cute in her official #23 jersey. I promise that if this is the year, I will proudly wear her jersey to the parade. It'll be like having her with me.

• Throughout his life, my favorite uncle subscribed to two magazines: Mad and Vine Line.

The Cubs were my dad's passion. They didn't make him happy but then nothing did. Still, so many of my memories of my father include the Cubs. (Ex: Every family picnic, he'd have his radio next to his lawn chair, listening intently as he ate potato salad from the paper plate balanced on his knee.)

So yes, a hurricane is bearing down on the SE. I'll be monitoring it on my phone and texting my loved ones.

But I'll be glued to the game. Oh, yes I will. With all apologies to George and Ira Gershwin: Hurricane Matthew and Mother Nature can't take that away from me.

October Challenge -- Day 7

Today's October Daily Prompt: Something Orange

Over the past year or so, I've immersed myself in all things Sinatra. One of the factoids I uncovered is that orange was his favorite color, and that he believed wearing it improved his mood. For a mercurial artist who fought epic battles with the blues, that's saying something.