Wednesday, February 24, 2021

February Blogging Challenge -- Day 24


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24) What is something you've been avoiding? Why are you putting it off? How would you feel if you took care of it?

I need a new TV. I don't want one, I need one. I still have a tube TV and last year, at the beginning of the pandemic, when an Xfinity repairman upgraded my modem, he told me that "soon" the box next to my TV would no longer be supported.

I'm putting it off for three reasons: 

1) My old-school TV suits my purposes and I hate to see something in a landfill that's still working

 2) I haven't purchased a new TV in (literally) 20 years and I'm worried that the one I choose won't work with my Xfinity services and I'll lose everything on my DVR

3) I'll have to beg and plead for a cable guy to come out because NO WAY can I hook up this TV alone.

It's easier to pull the covers over my head and maintain the status quo. Though I guess the decision really isn't mine.

I'll feel better when it's done. But the step-by-step of it -- choosing the TV, having it delivered, wooing Xfinity to send someone out with the new equipment and to take the old box away, and then calling a junk man to take the TV (and lots of other stuff) away -- gives me agita.