Friday, February 24, 2017

Hello, Old Friend

We've had exceptionally warm weather this week, and Wednesday I took the opportunity to go outside, wriggle my nose, breathe fresh air and check out the neighborhood beyond the two blocks I walk from the el stop to my office building.

I ended up at Washington and Wabash, which is a beehive of activity. The streets are torn up, the buildings are covered by scaffolding, men in hard hats and yellow/orange vests are hard at work. On the one hand, it made me happy because it's jobs. (Thanks, Obama!) On the other hand, it made me sad because I miss seeing those charming older buildings.

I came upon a sign that said, "Pittsfield Cafe Open During Construction." Golly, I not only wasn't aware it was open during construction, I wasn't aware it was still open at all. I hadn't thought about it in decades. So Wednesday was the day I revisited one of my old haunts.

It's the kind of coffee shop I love: laminated menu, breakfast all day, choice of chips or fries or soup when you order your sandwich "deluxe." Even better than the cuisine is the ambience.

Pittsfield Cafe has their own "outdoor seating" in the lobby of a truly awesome, yet often overlooked, Chicago landmark: The Pittsfield Building.

I'm charmed
The Pittsfield Building is undergoing a lot of work right now, and consequently it looks a little sad inside. But I am encouraged to know it's going to be restored to its former glory. And it clearly has the potential to be glorious. These photos are from the management company's website.

The elevators to 30+ floors of offices

I'm a sucker for these 20s era mailboxes
I know my agency is looking for new office space, and I suspect I know where we're moving. It's to a skyscraper I worked in before, a completely fine and modern building that's rather devoid of character. How I wish management would consider going back to the future and making a romantic building like this one our new home!