Friday, September 03, 2010

Keeping me company at the laundromat

I am thoroughly enjoying, Furious Love, the biography of the Taylor-Burton scandal/marriage/divorce/remarriage/divorce drama. I especially appreciated it this afternoon while I was stuck, once again, at the laundromat.
There is something wonderful about doing something so freaking ordinary -- eating a Wendy's hamburger as I watch my clothes go round and round in the dryer -- while keeping company with a woman who bounced from homes in Celigny and Gstaad to the Dorchester to her yacht … who partied with Noel Coward and Maria Callas and Peter O'Toole and Warren Beatty and John Huston … who can pair her 30+k diamond ring with her 69.42k diamond pendant …

Sure, LaLiz may have had eight marriages to seven men, but it's not like I'm not worldly-wise in my own way. I know when it's better to use the front loader.