Friday, June 10, 2011

And I missed it!

I knew my neighbors -- a children's home -- were having their annual rodeo today. In the past that has meant a picnic in the street with hot dogs and popcorn,* country music and cowboy hats and a bouncy house. I got off work early this afternoon(1/2 days on Friday) just as they were packing up. I saw a small truck with a gate on the back, so I knew it was designed for transporting live animals. There was a distinctive odor in the air, and a chalk mark on the sidewalk was labeled: Pony Line.

There was a pony here today and I missed it!

* Forever courtesy of Newman's Own. God bless in perpetuity, Paul Newman.

Words to live by ... in any language

Two new phrases I will teach myself this weekend:

Libros y gatos. Vida es buena.
Mientras haya vida, hay esperanza.

Books and cats. Life is good. and Where there is life, there is hope.