Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Want Wednesday

I want to hear the rest of the story.

On the train this morning, I sat near a lawyer who was speaking very loudly on her cell, advising a client named Nancy about her divorce settlement. Mr. Nancy has quit showing up for court, thereby making a final settlement take longer than Nancy had anticipated. So Team Nancy is forging on without him, producing documentation for the judge that will show how much he has made in the past from his rental properties. The lawyer predicts the judge will decide that 28% of his profits should go to Nancy for child support.

Is Mr. Nancy a deadbeat dad, trying to deny his children the maintenance they deserve? Is he represented by counsel who advises him to stay away from court? Or is he a poor schmuck, just trying to keep body-and-soul together, even as the vindictive Nancy attempts to crush him?

And does Nancy realize how entertaining her legal doings were for this otherwise bored commuter this morning?


En route to the train this morning, it began to rain rather hard and it seemed I was alone on the village street. So I gave in to nature and let loose with the loud, Coca-Cola/CoQ-10-induced, carbonated and fishy belch.

Promptly thereafter a young man passed me on the sidewalk.

Oh, well. It felt good.