Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I Want Wednesday

I want 3:30 to get here already! I have a meeting -- an internal creative presentation. Once that's done, we can get started on the next step, which is preparing for our trip down to show the client on Monday.

She's the top

My niece is not only in the top 10% of her graduating class, she's in the top 10% of the state in terms of her SATs (or was it her ACTs?). Aside from education being important for its own sake, this means she gets money for college. YEA!

The only snag is that the money has to be used at a school in Illinois. Of the three colleges she has her sites set on:

• One is state-of-the-art and nationally respected, but very expensive and in Denver
• The second also has a great reputation and is right here in Chicago
• The third if OK, affordable, and in Muskegon

So the second one would seem like the obvious choice, right? Especially now that she's getting money. Well, not so fast. She's so eager to get away from home that she's leaning toward the third choice.

I'd like to see her get the most marketable degree she can afford, and that would be the college here in the city. But I'm staying out of it. OK, I'm trying to stay out of it ... but it's hard.

But the important -- and very happy -- takeaway is that my niece is one of Illinois' top scholars!