Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This week, for the first time in ages, I am doing my TT completely from home. I usually use this weekly post as my mental sorbet -- allowing it to cleanse my mind when I'm stuck on a project. I either get the initial idea or put the finishes touches on it from my desk.

But not #140. I am, for the most part, all-at-home/all-the-time. And one area that's staying rooted at home where it stands is my refrigerator. So ...


1) A quart of 2% milk

2) Ten cans of Coke

3) Four Ultra Slim Fast Milk Chocolate Shakes

4) Six yogurts (2 Key Lime, 4 Strawberry)

5) I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray

6) American Cheese Slices

7) Turkey bacon

8) Oscar Mayer "lite" hot dogs

9) Ketchup

10) Sweet relish

11) Miracle Whip

12) Thin sliced ham

13) A quart of orange juice

For more information, or to play along yourself, click here.

Not sorry to see it go

Forget Labor Day. Today marks the end of This Gal's Summer: the last home game at The Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field. Between that momentous event and hearing this Sly and the Family Stone song in the shower this morning, I have been reflecting on Summer 2011.

It wasn't so hot.

My Borders store closed. It was too hot. My best friend's recession-weary company STILL refused to pay for him to come see me ... I mean, attend meetings in Chicago. I didn't get the raise I was hoping for. My kid sister is STILL a bitch. And I felt fatigued and fat/fatter/fattest. And there was the stressful run up to my September surgery.

Oh, there was one mega-fantastic thing: My nights with my Knight at Wrigley Field. How lovely of Sir Paul to be there for me to redeem the summer!