Monday, September 30, 2019

I love you, Skipper

Yesterday was Joe Maddon's last game at the helm of the Chicago Cubs. He gave the classiest farewell press conference before Sunday's game, appearing beside Theo Epstein, the man who let him go, saying, "There’s nothing to denigrate. There’s nothing to bemoan. There’s nothing to lament. It’s been fabulous."

The players loved him, and I loved him. His mantra, "Try not to suck," made everybody smile and helped bring us to a World Series. Since baseball is all about the stats, here are Joe's Chicago numbers:

471 Wins vs. 338 Losses (.582)
37 post-season games over 4 seasons
Oh yeah, our FIRST WORLD SERIES in over 100 years!

And he made it all fun. Even the losses. I'm gonna miss saying, "What will Joe do next?"