Thursday, January 07, 2016

And they're going to be sleeping outside!

The next few days will be very wet, followed by a weekend that will be very cold. I have a pair of everyday flat-heeled boots that I've worn to a nub and am worried that they won't be waterproof enough to carry me through. So I went to DSW and dropped about $60 on a pair of completely serviceable Madden Girl Ruxbens.

On the way over, I came upon a young, fresh-faced young homeless man holding a very large, white tomcat. The cat was looking bored, completely oblivious to all the cars and foot traffic that comes with State Street at lunchtime. I put $2 in the man's cup and then tried not to think about them any more.

I am aware that homelessness is a major, oncoming problem that I can't fix alone. I understand that for every fresh-faced young homeless person I help, I will pass half a dozen more homeless people before I reach my destination.

But here's the thing: I know cats. And for that cat to be so comfortable in this kid's arms, even amidst all the hubbub, he has to be a good egg. So it's haunting me to think of those two, man and cat, outside in the wet and cold this weekend.