Saturday, August 12, 2023

Sunday Stealing

From the League of Extraordinary Penpals

1. Things I would do first if I won a billion dollar lottery. Scream and cry with delight, then call a good accountant.

2. Something I probably spend too much money on. Credit card interest.

3. How I feel about the dentist. I find him a little annoying in that he asks me superficial questions about my life and doesn't care about the answers. But he's a good dentist and we're not dating, so we don't have to be in love. I enjoy the girls who work in his office.

4. Foods I am most picky about. My hot dog toppings. It's a Chicago thing to put too much stuff on your dog -- tomato and peppers and celery salt and ... and ... and ... I know some see me as a traitor to my people, but I like ketchup, relish and mayo. Go ahead. Judge me if you must. I like what I like.

5. Internet friends/penpals I want to visit in person. There are quite a few of you have been very kind to me. I've given you shout outs, so you know who you are. I'd like to thank you in person.

6. My healthiest habits. I limit myself to three drinks/week, I stretch every morning, and go to a weekly yoga class.

7. Easiest, low effort foods and snacks for busy days. I like those little applesauce cups that moms put in their kids' lunches. High in moisture and a good source of fiber.

In my refrigerator right now

8. Where I go in summer to unwind. So far this summer I have ridden the rails downtown to see friends. I like the train, more so now that I'm not racing to get to work.

9. My comfort books, tv shows, and movies. My comfort viewing is Friends. My comfort book has very little copy. It's Jacqueline, by Ron Galella -- a coffee table book about the Onassis years. 

10. A list of good things Books, cats, baseball

11. Favorite places to take photos Where my friends are

12. The routines and habits I stick to most I change my sheets and towels before bed on Monday and do laundry on Tuesday evening at about 6:00. (I seldom see anyone in the laundry room Tuesday evenings.)

13. Topics I’d love to learn more about This summer I'm concentrating on men I've heard about my whole life but know little about (Eisenhower, Churchill).

14. This time last year ... My oldest friend visited me and we had a lovely time. I miss her.

15. Favorite memories of someone I’ve lost I miss blabbing on the phone with my mom. We could go on forever, raving about how fantastically wonderful my niece and nephew (her grandchildren) are. I suspect anyone else would find our fascination with them tiresome, but not us!

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 12

My 2023 Happiness Icon

Today's Happiness: I am the captain of my soul.

After a week where I often checked the train schedule and my calendar, I found myself with a day when I had nothing that needed to be done, nowhere I needed to be.

I made further progress on the biography of Eisenhower -- will I be done by the time it's due back to the library? -- and watched the Cubs beat Toronto. (Yay!) I took a nice long walk to redeem my coupons: extra rewards from Walgreen's and $3 off at my favorite pizza place. Saving money while leisurely enjoying the sunshine was bliss.

Right now I'm watching Dial M for Murder, a very stylish Hitchcock. What will I do next? It's up to me!