Tuesday, August 25, 2009

09 August Happiness Challenge -- Day 25

Tuesday. Shrimp. After work I stopped at Whole Foods and picked up some cooked and peeled shrimp. Oh ... YUM!

Now I may be Team Kate

At first I admit I was Team Jon. Kate was too bossy, too critical, too much the perfectionist. (Remember when she scolded him for not using a coupon?) He was so much easier going with the kids, more natural.

Now I am grudgingly Team Kate. Jon's acting like an overripe frat boy, smoking and drinking and partying with The Pink Ladies from Grease. Kate seems to tbe stable one, even though she wears more than a hint of martyr these days.

Actually, now that I think of it, I don't especially like Jon or Kate. But, oh, those kids! Especially the little boys. I'm so hooked on the Gosselin kids it's like they're crack. I hope that when all is said and done, they turn out OK.

This friend of a friend is no friend of mine

I'm upset, and who better to share my disquiet with than my blogbuddies?

I have a dear old friend who is very fragile right now. She feels her life is spinning out of control. Naturally my first instinct is to protect her and try to help her get through this. My friend has befriended, travelled with and played hostess to a woman she met online and very little good has come of their relationship.

I shall spare you all the wacky, sad details, but I'm not joking -- my dear old friend is in a bad crowd when she's with this cyber buddy of hers. Since I know how delicate she is, I have been monitoring her cyber buddy's blog. I just want to be sure there are no expensive trips or Lucy/Ethel episodes being planned.

No, I found a link to waaaay right of center message board. I'm not talking fiscally conservative, or even socially conservative. Everyone has a right to their opinions ... except these opinions.

I saw a graphic of President Obama as HITLER! And he was continually referred to on this message board as "The Kenyan." This is scary, nutball stuff. I worry about the President's safety when I read crap like this.

This woman -- my friend's friend -- and her daughter often communicate my old, dear friend's daughter, who is 13. No 13 year old should be exposed to this despicable crap.*

My friend is not very informed about the world. She has told me more than once that politicians are "used car salesmen" and she doesn't believe in any of them or what any of them say. Therefore I don't imagine she and her cyberbud discuss national affairs and doubt she realizes her cyberfriend seems to believe that our President is a Nazi. (Not just "a Nazi." THE Nazi.)

I'm keeping this to myself for now. As upset as I am about it, I know my dear old friend has more than enough on her plate right now. However, if her cyberfriend initiates plans to actually spend face time with my friend's daughter, I'll speak up.

*Go ahead, search my archives. You will not find anything that even implies that President Bush wasn't a patriotic American. Maybe a patriotic America who could be depended upon to make the wrong decision every time, but I
never said he was evil and I never compared him to frigging Hitler! I also respect the office, even when I'm crazy about the man holding it.

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