Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Good News for a Change

I saw a series of three reports on Monday, written by my client's data analysts for their internal use. Compiled quarterly, they are obviously available to us if we ask for them. We only asked for them now because I insisted -- performance appraisals are coming up and I want to be able to point to something tangible when I make the argument for keeping my job.

Oh. My. God. The worst we did in the last 18 months was performing to forecast. The best? We beat the projection by 25%. My efforts represent the brightest spot on my client's business plan, what they point to as the area that helps keep their other, more fledgling projects afloat.

And they are my efforts. My boss couldn't stay further away my projects because they're boring. Some are attracted to advertising because they think it's cool. Not me. I'm a geek. I get excited by these boring projects because I can point to real, measurable results and say, "Look what I did! I helped move the needle for the client!"

The timing of my receipt of these reports couldn't be better. I'm not saying they will save my job, but they will give my boss a reason to keep me, if he wants to. I'm going to spin the hell out of it in my self appraisal.

I wonder what's wrong with us as an agency. I wonder why it took ME to request these reports. I wonder how many others like them are floating around our client's offices. They could be valuable as we try to justify our place in their business plan and budget.

It scares me that I'm the one this occurs to.