Friday, March 11, 2016

Don't drag the Chicago Police Department into this

Donald Trump says the Chicago Police Department recommended he cancel tonight's rally at the UIC. Donald Trump is, once again, lying.

"A spokesperson for the Chicago Police Department tells ABC7 Eyewitness News the Chicago Police Department did not talk to the Trump campaign or tell them to cancel the event, and that the first police heard was at 6:30 p.m. when they were notified by UIC and Secret Service that the event was canceled."

The CPD has lots of high profile, disturbing problems. But they were not responsible for what you saw on TV tonight.

This is who I have been thinking about tonight. This is how you address a crowd of the angry and the heartbroken. This is how you "make America great again."

I love my little town

I fell in love with this village when I was still in high school. Connected to the city by two el lines, the bus and a commuter train, it's always near everything. It's racially diverse and politically progressive. It's always felt like home.

Because we're a village of dedicated tree huggers, recycling is heavily encouraged. For reasons too complicated and boring to go into, we were without recycling bins for about a week. I felt so bad about not doing my part for the polar bears and the future generations, that I brought a bag of paper with my on the train so I could recycle it at the office. Yes, I felt a little silly to be commuting with a bag of trash, but the silly was better than the guilt.

I was so freaking DELIGHTED to see the new recycling bin back behind my building!