Friday, June 25, 2021

Saturday 9

One Bad Apple (1971)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is a play on the old saying that one bad apple can spoil the bunch, or that the bad behavior of one member can reflect badly on the whole group. Do you think that's true? Yes. Of course. Boomers complain about Millennials, Millennials complain about Boomers, etc. It's not fair or smart, but painting everyone in a group with one broad brush happens all the time, every day.
2) The Osmonds began as The Osmond Brothers, a barbershop quartet that performed at the original Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Today there are 9 Disney Resorts all around the world, as far away as Shanghai. Have you ever been to a Walt Disney property? I've been to Disneyland and Disney World.
3) By the time the Osmonds made this record, Donny had joined the group and became their breakout star. Without looking it up, can you name any of the other four brothers who performed in video clip? Merrill, Jay, Alan and Wayne. I do not mean to remember such things. I just do.
4) In the 1970s, adolescent girls learned through teen magazines that Donny's favorite color is purple, and that he was especially fond of purple socks. Today, socks are a very big business. There are designer sock manufacturers and even a sock of the month club. Is there a wardrobe item you're very particular about? I love my Gloria Vanderbilt "Amanda" jeans. I wear a pair almost every day.

5) Donny and younger sister Marie had their own TV variety show. One regular segment had them performing a medley of popular songs, and it began with Marie singing, "I'm a little bit country," followed by Donny's musical reply, "I'm a little bit rock and roll." In this regard, are you more like sister or brother? I suppose I'm as rock and roll as Donny. Back in 2014, my oldest friend and I celebrated my birthday in Las Vegas with Donny and Marie. They were great fun, and they were pure pop.

6) Donny's popularity continues today. Fans have seen him win Dancing with the Stars (season 9) and come in as a runner up on the first season of The Masked Singer. Do you watch either of these shows -- or other competition series, like American Idol, The Voice, America's Got Talent, etc.? Nope. I always mean to, but I never get around to it. There are so many shows, books, movies and CDs I mean to get to!

7) Donny has also appeared on Broadway. He surprised audiences and got rave reviews as arrogant bad guy Gaston in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Tell us about a time when your behavior surprised those who know you well. About 20 years ago, when I had just entered my 40s, I got involved with a much younger man. I liked him well enough -- he could be very funny -- but really, it was just about sex. I didn't like being in my 40's, and he met a girl he was getting serious about and was looking for a last fling before settling down. My friends were quite shocked by this. John was all surprised and all "atta girl." Henry and Kathleen clucked and warned me there was "no future in this," completely missing that neither he nor I wanted a future. I gotta give it to my oldest friend. She neither encouraged nor discouraged me. She just listened. I never did anything like this before or again, but it was a phase I had to go through. (He and I
never broke up, really. He lost his job, had money trouble, and moved to Cleveland to crash with his brother. His girlfriend joined him there, they got married, had two sons and by all accounts built a nice life in Ohio. So maybe I was a just a phase he had to go through, too.)

8) Donny is also a grandfather, many times over! Sam admits she's not crazy about that revelation because it makes her feel old. What's something that makes you feel your years? To get my attention, my naughty cat Reynaldo knocked my makeup tray off my dresser. A tube of mascara rolled under my bed. I got on the floor to retrieve it, and realized getting up wouldn't be so easy. I'm a creaky old broad.

9) Random question: We're filling a pinata with your favorite candies. What should we buy? Nothing that will stick in my teeth! I'm in the midst of some dental work and am not willing to lose it in a piece of candy! So I'll go with those little "fun bars," the mini candy bars that are so popular at Halloween.