Friday, October 28, 2016

October Challenge -- Day 28

Today's October Daily Prompt: Something black

It's an obvious choice, I know, but I've always had a fondness for black cats. I grew up with one named Trouble. She was not terribly bright, nor as pretty as the one in this photo. But she was a very good sport.

October Challenge -- Day 27

Today's October Daily Prompt: 11:11 PM

Zzzz ... I unintentionally crashed on the sofa after work.

Keeping my Cubbie karma clear

I walked around at lunchtime, taking pictures of the W's I saw in The Loop. I'm going to do the same this Saturday afternoon, around the village where I live. I love how Chicagoland has embraced my guys.

I don't love that my boss is taking Friday off to go to the game. The first World Series game to be played within the Friendly Confines since 1945. His neighbor has season tickets.

I wouldn't mind this if he was a fan. He's not. Throughout this really incredible 103-58 year, he only mentioned games after a loss. Keep in that the Cubs won 44% more games than they lost. But his "heh-heh-heh, that was a tough one" was just him being a dick.

AND he's told me that baseball puts him to sleep.

When I told him how excited I was for him, that he was going to see Kyle Hendricks and Hendricks reminds me of my beloved Hall of Famer Greg Maddux, he said, "Yeah, I heard the announcer say that, too."

Oh yeah, and he doesn't need to take Friday off. The game doesn't start until 7:00 PM. We have work to do. An internal review at 11:00 on Monday that we won't be ready for because he's taking Friday off. To go to a game he doesn't care about. I now feel absolutely no guilt whatsoever if I take Monday off (to celebrate the World Series win) and whatever day the parade is held.

He asked me what souvenir I'd like from the game. I said, "Would it be pushing it to ask for a program AND a scorecard?" His response? "I don't care. It's your money." He's not even gifting me a souvenir! When I think of the vacation souvenirs and Christmas ornaments I've given him over the years ...

But see, now I'm not happy anymore. And I like savoring this, maintaining the high that comes from waking up in the morning and saying to myself, "My guys are in the fucking World Series!"

So, to regain my zen and clear my Cubbie karma, I'm going to start thinking good thoughts. To inspire me, here's Jake. He was terrific in Game Two -- his last game of the year.

The Jake of Game 2 looked like the Jake of 2015. YEA!