Friday, May 27, 2022

Ride into the Danger Zone

Go see Top Gun: Maverick. At the theater and on the biggest screen you can find. It's great fun from the very beginning, where Tom Cruise (as Tom Cruise) thanks us for coming to the theater to see his movie (a nice touch) to Lady Gaga's love song at the end. It's not high art, but it made me smile.

It's one of those movie that is really very predictable, but it's not annoying, it's comforting because the action unfolds exactly the way you want it to.

Tom Cruise is great. He's older but still gorgeous, and you can't take your eyes off him. Yes, I know that he's not exactly forward thinking in terms of mental health, and there's the whole couch-jumping thing.* But oh, onscreen he has charisma to burn and his Top Gun movie is a top-quality product.

And who doesn't want to kick off Memorial Day watching Navy pilots behave heroically?

 *In retrospect, maybe we made too big a deal out of the couch-jumping thing. I mean, have you caught any of the Johnny Deep-Amber Heard trial?

Two down, three to go

For reasons too complicated -- and boring -- to explain, I'm back to writing automotive blog posts again. While I don't hate them as much as I once did, it would be a long stretch to say I enjoy this monthly project. As one who hasn't driven since Ronald Reagan was in the White House, it's safe to say I have no affinity whatsoever for anything auto, and it can be slow going.

I had been especially worried about this month's assignment. The client was running late and didn't think he would get us the information needed for the 5 posts by today, after we're closed for Memorial Day. They have to be done by end of day, June 8. That looks like it gives me 6 work days to do the 5 posts, but actually it's 4 days because of meetings and unnecessary, extraneous office shit. (After 40 years, I have dwindling patience with unnecessary, extraneous office shit.)

I admit I was stressing.

My client is a good guy* and managed to surprise us (and himself) by getting me the info for three of the five in dribs and drabs throughout this past week. This process wasn't pretty, and his input isn't as organized as usual, but I appreciate the extra effort. A lot. I managed to get two of the five done by the time we began the four-day holiday weekend.

Also, my ever-so eager coworker Rita thinks she can help next week. I don't know that the timing will work out, but knowing she's on deck helps alleviate some of the stress.

So I woke up this morning not because of the alarm but because nature was calling. And I'll only open that desktop automotive work file if I feel like it, not because it's hanging over me like the Sword of Damocles.

Happy Memorial Day to me!

*I like my clients more than I respect the agency personnel I work for. I'm so lucky I work for two clients who have integrity and regard for what I do.