Monday, July 11, 2011

Good news/bad news

Once again this summer, my niece is serving an internship in the kitchen at a resort in Wisconsin.

Good news: The chef is so impressed with her talent and work ethic that he gave her permission to come up with the special last Tuesday night, his night off. After checking what was in stock already and considering costs and prep time, she proposed London Broil with pearlized onions. The chef gave this his enthusiastic approval. She was so excited.

Bad news: No one ordered it. Except the chef, who stopped by to see how she was running his kitchen in his absence. She will only acknowledge being proud of the faith the chef showed in her, not disappointment. Well, I AM DISAPPOINTED.

Image: Simon Howden /

All the way from Milwaukee!

The dollar bill I received as change today was once on a coffee table in some guy's apartment in Milwaukee. How do I know this? Because he registered it on I love entering bills and seeing where they have been.

If you come across a bill with either the Where's George stamp or, as in the case of today's bill, the Where's George web address scrawled over it, please indulge geeks like me and enter it at the site.