Saturday, February 27, 2021

Happy, happy, happy!

The vet just called. Reynaldo's bloodwork came back with great news. Thanks to the medication, his thyroid levels are normal.

My little old man will be 17 years old in April. That's the equivalent of 84 in human years. He'd been "off" lately: manic in his begging but picky about his food and losing weight, vomiting, confused and worried about being alone. 

But since we started on the meds last month, he's gained 8 oz., he's eating more normally and I've found fewer wet surprises on the carpet. The bloodwork proves it: it's working!

This medication can lose efficacy after two years. But then he'll be 19, and 19 to a cat is 92 to a human. That's as much as I have any right to hope for.

I am feeling so grateful right now.

February Blogging Challenge -- Day 27


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27) What is something you want more of in your life?

Peace of mind. Contentment. 

We're in the last innings, my loved ones and me. We're dealing with health issues we never had before. We're into, or are looking at, retirement and it's not going to be as comfortable for any of us as we'd just always assumed. (Oh, let's face it: some of us never thought this time would come!)

But there's a beauty to every season. I want to enjoy this time instead of worrying so much.