Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Channeling my Inner Ernie

Ernie Banks embodies Cubdom. Watch the beginning of his Hall of Fame induction speech: "We've got the setting: sunshine and fresh air. We've got the team behind us, so let's play two." It's important to note that he maintained the positive, baseball-loving spirit even though, over his entire 18 year career, he never once played in a post-season game.

Of course I am disappointed that my guys will not be in the playoffs this year. I would love to watch several more weeks of baseball. I enjoy adding to my collection of post-season t-shirts. But I refuse to act as though this team sucked, just because we won't be bathed in 2016 World Series glory.

This Cubs team was good. Admittedly not great, but good. And better than most. Diamondback, Reds, Pirates, Giants, Padres, Rockies, Mets and Phillies fans* would love to cheer for a team of the Cubs caliber.

We saw Javier Baez come into his own, making magic with both his bat and glove. Kris Bryant had a comeback year, making the All Star game again. Yu Darvish's stats don't show it, but he proved he got that $125 million contract.

And of course, Rizzo. 27 home runs. 295 batting average. Oh yeah, and he rose from the dead, coming back from a possible season-ending sprain to hit a home run and rally the fans. Ernie would be proud that Rizzo is standing where he once did, guarding first base.

Baseball is a wonderful game and the Cubs gave us an entertaining season. So I refuse to join the Cub fans who are whining like entitled Yankee fans. I am going to be grateful for the thrills and chills and, as we used to say before 2016, "Wait until next year."

 *I purposely left out the Marlins because they have no fans.