Friday, September 20, 2019

Good news -- bad news

Good news. HE IS RIZZEN. Anthony Rizzo was not only in the lineup of tonight's game -- less than a week after his sprain -- he got a home run, too! To put this in perspective, he was supposed to be in a boot and using a scooter until Sunday, and then his ankle would be "re-evaluated." But no, he was out there tonight, swinging and fielding!

Photo taken tonight (9/19)

With real showmanship, his return to the line up wasn't announced until 20 minutes before the game. Many fans were already in their seats before they knew they'd get to see #44. He changed his walk up music to The Undertaker's Theme, tweaking all of us who thought he was done for the year.

Bad news. An extra innings loss to the Cardinals. I am a Cub fan. Naturally I would like to see my guys in the post-season again this year. But we made it in 2007, 2008, 2015, 2016 (!), 2017 and 2018. That's a shitload of glory. If we aren't play-off bound again this year, I'll live.

What will break my little Cub-loving heart is what will inevitably happen in the off-season. Manager Joe Maddon will likely be gone. Many of my favorite players, too. I love this team, and I don't want to see them loaded up onto the back of a truck, like the leftover junk after an estate sale.

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  1. I hope The Rizz isn't pushing his return. Sprains can be nasty to heal.