Wednesday, January 01, 2020

My ONEWORD for 2020

I chose MORE to remind myself that's all I need to do. Not "everything," not "all," just MORE. Be more sensible in my spending than last month, move more than I did last week, drink more water than I did yesterday.


That's about how much I reduced my credit card debt in 2019.

It's not enough, of course. But it's a good start. And it makes up for 2018, when I added $4,200 in credit card debt to my ledger.

2020 will present some financial challenges:
•  Increased monthly assessments
•  New air conditioner(s)
•  My niece's out-of-town wedding
•  Of course, stuff I can't anticipate

I'll just have to continue to be mindful when I spend. Wish me luck!