Thursday, September 19, 2013

Welcome back to Chicago, Madame President

My friend John and I saw the premiere of Evita last night. To be completely honest, I don't recall much about seeing it the first time around, back in the 1980s, but apparently I saw it with John back then, too. I enjoy the stability and continuity of our friendship.

I also enjoyed the show last night. Our touring company had a really strong Che (Josh Young). Now that I am older and more sophisticated (if not wiser), I understood and appreciated Eva's story so much more now. "They need to adore me, so Christian Dior me ..." She understood her public so well. They wanted to see her wealthy, beautiful and bejeweled because she had once been poor, hungry and outcast, one of them. While their circumstances are different, I kept thinking of another famous blonde, Princess Diana, as I was watching Evita.