Thursday, August 04, 2011

Ew! Ick!

It's like I'm looking at Snow White's more disturbing dwarfs. There's DarkHeart. There's Whiny. There's Sleazy. There's DumbBunny.

What does this motley crew of disappointments have in common? Someone thought each of them deserved to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency!

Reviewing this group makes me appreciate Barack Obama even more. For I think Joe Biden positively rocks! And never more than when compared to these folks.

There's a famous story about Bill Clinton. When he chose Al Gore as his running mate, he was warned against it in purely conventional political terms. They were, after all, the same age, from the same part of the country. What diversity did Gore bring to the ticket? And if he couldn't deliver a state Clinton couldn't win on his own, what was the point of choosing him as Vice President?

"Because I might die," Bill said.

I hope whoever runs against Obama takes that story to heart.

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 4

All of you. My readers. Since posting about how gifted I am at growing a cyst and then worrying about it, I have received no less than 13 positive messages from 8 different bloggers. How cool is that? I have appreciated each and every kind word. For one as loquacious as I am in life, and wordy in writing, it's often hard for me to express how much I need support. I do. And I'm so happy to find it here.

Thank you.