Friday, January 20, 2023

This one bothers me more than I expected

I think it's because there was such a horrible inevitability to Lisa Marie Presley's death at 54. I feel like the girl never had a chance, and I feel bad for her.

First of all, heart disease ran in the Presley family. Grandmother Gladys was an old-before-her-time 46 when she died of a heart attack. Elvis was 42 when his heart attack killed him. Grandfather Vernon was the last to go, dying of (say it with me) a heart attack at 63.

Then there's addiction. Gladys dealt with depression by turning to pills and alcohol. Elvis had codeine, Demerol and Valium in his bloodstream when he died. Priscilla Presley cited Lisa Marie's drug use when she petitioned for custody of Lisa Marie's twins (though in 2020, a judge commended Lisa Marie for overcoming her problem with drugs and alcohol when the girls were returned to her). Lisa Marie herself spoke openly about how much she hated cigarettes but found it a struggle to quit.

And heartache. I know, no one gets through life without pain. But not everyone goes through it with the world watching. She was home when her father died in the bathroom, and at 9 years old she became an heiress to his estate. Her unfortunate marriage to Michael Jackson took place as he began battling abuse allegations. Her son Ben committed suicide in 2020, and shortly before her own death she admitted the grief was "unrelenting."

That's a lot to endure in a short lifetime. I hope now her soul is finally at peace.