Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Thursday Thirteen #287

Thirteen popular 2022 gifts. I'm done with my Christmas shopping, so I don't know why I keep reading stories recommending what I should buy. But I do. And so here's what I'm hearing are popular for this holiday season.

1. Gift baskets filled with munchies like popcorn, snack mix, pretzels, chocolate, etc.

2. Fruit cake. No, really. One site actually recommended giving fruit cake. But as part of a gift bag that includes gourmet coffee.

3. Charcuterie and cheese selection.

4. Wine pairing, a carefully chosen vintage and antipasti.

5. A centerpiece for friends and relatives you know will be hosting dinners.

6. A live table top pine that can be a decoration over the holidays and then planted outside.

7. Throw pillows, giving the recipient a quick and easy way to give their room an after-holiday refresh.

8. Matching potholders and dishtowels, similarly brightening up your friend's kitchen.

9. Facial mask and moisturizer duo for an at-home, DIY spa day.

10. Make up brushes, nice ones in a variety of sizes so your friend will start 2023 feeling pretty and pampered.

11. A beard kit, for the guy on your gift list who would appreciate things like balm, scissors and a special comb for his beard.

12. Gift card. Just add a personal touch by adding your own message.

13. Charitable donation. Make a contribution to your friend's favorite cause. Many charities, like PBS and the World Wildlife Fund, will give you a premium that you can give along with notice of the donation.

What about you? Are you ready for the gift-giving season?

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