Monday, November 09, 2020

Atta girl!

This morning I did another Zoom presentation. Since March, I've done a gazillion of them. I'm always a little nervous beforehand -- stage fright? -- but once I start I get into the groove. I know my clients like me and therefore want to like the work. I have long felt my presentations are my strength.

My former boss -- who retired in April -- never commented on this, though. In fact, during the 10+ years we worked together, I can't recall him singling me out for praise or thanking me

He may have felt competitive with me. And I may have become like the slowly boiled frog. Because I never received encouragement or praise, I stopped expecting it. I also began questioning whether meetings and projects had really gone well. I've become quite the worrier since the pandemic. At least, when we all met in person, there was always the apres meeting moment when everyone is collecting their coffee cups and pencils and phones on the way out of the conference room compares notes. That's when I used to get the confirmation from my coworkers that was never forthcoming from my boss. But during the days of coronavirus, when the meeting ends everyone just hangs up and we're each isolated and alone in our homes. 

ANYWAY, guess what showed up in my email this morning, moments after the meeting ended ...

Subject line: Great job today!

Gal, I thought you presented so incredibly well. I am really impressed by your confident but friendly style. I took notes.

Obviously, I have a new boss!
I was so happy when I received that message, I wanted to rub up against his leg like a kitten.