Thursday, December 30, 2021

Just naturally blabby, I guess

 Butch Cassidy: How come you're so talkative?

Sundance: Just naturally blabby, I guess.

My oldest friend and I dearly love that movie. Maybe it's because it stars the two coolest guys ever. Or maybe it's because we're both just naturally blabby. Since last Thursday, we've clocked well over 3 hours on the phone.

She's been sick for weeks. She began running a fever just before her birthday (12/11) and couldn't shake it until the day after Christmas. She's tested negative twice for covid, so that's good news. Bloodwork has also eliminated leukemia, which is very good news.  While we know what she doesn't have, we don't know what she does have. After the new year, she needs to see a rheumatologist. Her GP suspects she has some autoimmune disorder. Considering her symptoms -- fever, chills, fatigue, hair loss, weight gain -- I suspect Hashimoto's disease. I'm keeping my Google search diagnosis to myself, since it's possible/likely I don't know what I'm talking about. She has two other serious chronic conditions -- diabetes and heart disease -- so whatever it is, it should be treated promptly. However, it's not covid or leukemia, and so we have reason to think positive.

While depression has been decades long struggle for her, she seems to be in a good place now and I enjoy her so much. No one makes me laugh harder than she does. Also, since we've known each other since Kindergarten, we have each other's history. The older I get, the more I appreciate that.

So this morning, I'm happy/sad. Happy because I feel that over this holiday season, we really re-connected. Sad because she's not well. I hope that, as she take off on her journey to wellness, she'll continue to feel blabby.