Monday, July 20, 2020

A perfect little lunch hour of errands

Today was the first day in several that wasn't beastly hot, so I slipped outside and appreciated it.

First stop, the food pantry. I had quite a bit to donate today because over the past 10 days or so, I haven't felt like hiking over there in the heat, rain and humidity. Today was a good day for a good deed. Both the kid volunteering at the pantry and I were wearing Cub masks, a coincidence we acknowledged and enjoyed.

Naturally I took this to mean that Cub fans are simply good people. I feel sorry for anti-maskers because not only are they unwilling to do the smallest thing to show their neighbors they care, they are missing an opportunity for self expression. Represent what you love on your mask!

Next stop, the post office. The street in front of the big, venerable old building is torn up and it was hard to navigate the saw horses and safety cones. Especially in my most beat up/worn out old sandals. Plus, I haven't been to the chiropractor since mid-March and, just as he warned me, my balance isn't all it could be. So you guessed it: I slipped on my way up cement stairs.

Someone instantly appeared at my side, helping me up by the elbow. I wasn't hurt -- just embarrassed -- and didn't need his assistance but I recognized him. He's the homeless guy who usually sits on the curb (only the curb isn't there right now). I thanked him, blamed my tumble on my sandals (which was kinda true), and started for the door, which he held open for me.

"You've done right by me, ma'am, so I am happy to help you."

I was touched by his chivalry, his concern and his apparent pride in being able to turn tables and this time, do something for me. It was a lovely moment.

Disinfectant wipes are in ready supply at the drugstore! Beyond that, there was nothing to report from my last stop. Then back to work!