Friday, November 03, 2023

Saturday 9

 Saturday 9: True (1983)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.


1) In this song, lead singer Gary Kemp tells us he's overwhelmed by his feelings as he and a girl dance "toe to toe." What song did you most recently dance to? This is kind of embarrassing but true: I danced over to the refrigerator while listening to the theme of The Dick Van Dyke Show. The TV was on and I was grabbing a snack in the kitchen.

2) Falling in love makes him want to listen to "Marvin all night long," a reference to Motown great Marvin Gaye. What's your favorite love song, and who sings it? "Close your eyes and I'll kiss you/tomorrow I'll miss you/remember, I'll always be true." Those simple, sweet words sung by his simple, sweet voice ... Sigh.

3) This song was inspired by Kemp's feelings for singer Clare Grogan. When they first met, they discovered a shared love of literature and for his birthday, she gave him a book she thought he'd enjoy. Who received the most recent birthday gift you gave, and what was it? I gave my friend Mindy a book. We've been talking about it for years. Every time it came up, she'd say was going to get it out of the library. So for her November 1 birthday, I placed it in her hands.

4) Despite the popularity of the song it inspired, the Kemp-Grogan romance never really took off. Gary was involved with another woman and Clare was seeing other men and reluctant to settle down. The timing just wasn't right for them. Do you believe luck plays a big part in romance? Well, yes. We can only fall in love with who we meet, and since there are billions of people on the planet, luck definitely plays a part. We're lucky when someone we really click with crosses our path. We're even luckier if that person happens to be unattached and open to a relationship at the same time we are. Love is really kind of amazing, when you think about it.

5) The cover art was created by Kemp's friend, David Band. David sketched it after seeing a man startled when a bird flew too close to him as he entered a pub. To Kemp, it represented how surprised he was by the sudden intensity of his feelings for Grogan. Band went on to become a world-renowned artist, with his work exhibited in galleries and museums in Australia, New Zealand, England and the United States. What museum have you most recently visited? In August I went to the Van Gogh exhibit at The Art Institute. It was my first time back to this Chicago treasure in decades! My friend Elaine is a member and the trip was her idea, but it was one of the highlights of my summer. This was my favorite.

Roadway with Underpass

6) In 2020, Kemp and bassist Guy Pratt launched their podcast Rockonteurs about the stories behind popular songs. Do you regularly listen to podcasts? Yes. Every week I listen to The Book of Joe, by baseball manager Joe Maddon. Every now and again I tune into a classic movie podcast, You Must Remember This.

7) Super Mario Bros. debuted in 1983. Without looking it up, can you name gaming's most famous siblings? Mario and Luigi.


8) Also in 1983, for the first time, London's Abbey Road recording studio was open to the public. Visitors were treated to a multi-media presentation called The Beatles at Abbey Road. During the two months it was open, more than 22,000 tickets were sold. What's the most recent ticket you purchased? I went to see A Haunting in Venice at my local movie theater.

 9) Random question -- At your favorite restaurant, a genie will grant you one of these two wishes: 1) you can eat whatever you want without gaining weight or 2) you can order whatever you want for free. Which do you choose? #2, definitely! 


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