Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: I Won't Last a Day without You (1972)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song makes reference to rainbows. Have you seen one lately? I don't think I've seen one in forever. Which is too bad, because they make me happy when I spot them.

2) When Sam heard this song, it occurred to her that she wouldn't last a day without a game of online Yahtzee. What little commonplace pleasure reliably brightens your day? Singing with the shower radio as I lather up in the morning. Today it was, "I suppose I should collect my books and head on back to school. Or steal my daddy's cue and make a living out of playing pool ..." Yes, that's "Maggie May."
3) Richard Carpenter was emphatic that his group's name was "Carpenters," NO "the." Whenever he hears the group referred to as "The Carpenters," it gets on his nerves. What little commonplace annoyance reliably sets you off? Those selfish seat hogs who act as though their bags deserve a seat when their fellow human beings don't.
Did you pay a fare for your bags?
4) Karen Carpenter said she drank iced tea all day long. What beverage do you think you'll have with your next meal? Coke.
5) "I Won't Last a Day without You" was written by Oscar-winning composer Paul Williams. He also tried his hand at acting, most notably appearing with Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit. Back in the 1970s, the three movies in the Smokey series were very popular. Have you seen any of them? Yes. And, God help me, the first one can still make me laugh.
6) This song was recorded in 1973 by Diana Ross. Now in her 70s, Miss Ross is still going strong with a busy calendar of appearances in 2017. What's your favorite Diana Ross song? I think this is my favorite question this week. I wonder how many people will choose Supremes and how many will go with her solo work. Here's my favorite. If you're not a fan, you might not know it. But I can't resist singing along.  "Ooooh, yeah!"

7) In 1972, the year this song was popular, the United States and the United Kingdom joined forces and launched the Copernicus satellite. Today it's remembered for the discovery of long-period pulsars. Crazy Sam got bored writing this question. Do you enjoy reading about science? Not in the slightest.

8) Before Michael Phelps, Mark Spitz was American's premier Olympic swimmer. In 1972 he won seven Gold Medals. After making millions in endorsements and TV appearances, he settled into a career as a realtor in Los Angeles. Are you contemplating a change in residence any time soon? If you move, will you be consulting a realtor? No. I've decided to put my efforts into making my home more liveable, not more sellable.   

9) Random question: Which of these is completely, 100% UNTRUE of you -- boring, lazy or stupid? I'm sure I can be boring. I know I'm lazy. But I'm not stupid.