Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thank You

I got through today. It's been hard. But I got through.

I thought a lot about my mother, who was celebrating her last Easter a year ago at this time.

I thought a lot about my uncle, who is also gone, but who gave me my most enduring Easter memory.
I was 6 and he was 21. He had just purchased his first NEW car, a Mustang convertible not unlike this one. He looooved that car, and his enthusiasm was so infectious that I loved it, too. It was unseasonably warm that Easter and he drove up to my grandmother's house with the top down and announced that our gifts were hidden somewhere in the car. I found mine -- a book -- under the floormat (front seat, passenger side). The leaves were green, the sky was clear, the car was blue and his smile was wide. My world was good. A few months later he was drafted and within a year he was shipped off to Vietnam. But at that moment, Easter Sunday 1964, my world was good.

And, of course, I thought a lot about Christ and how much I depend on Him. Knowing that I am the child of a God who loves me more when I stumble makes me work harder to do better. And His love gives me tremendous comfort.

The past month has been hard. The past 24 hours have been hard. But I have much in life to be grateful for -- including the readers who send good vibes my way.* I began this blog as an online journal, a way to create an accurate snapshot of my life I could look back on. I had no idea it would bring me in contact with people who would enrich my life soooo much.

Thank you.

*Yes, Vivian, even though I can't comment on your blog, I feel your prayerful support.