Sunday, July 30, 2023

Sunday Stealing


1. Does love come from the brain, the heart or elsewhere? Depends on which type of love we're discussing. When it comes to romance, it's a combination of the heart and elsewhere. On Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw spoke for me when she talked about the zsa zsa zu, defined as "'the butterflies-in-your-stomach thing that happens when you not only love the person, but you gotta have them. Isn’t that what gets you through the years? Even if it fades, at least you have the memory of the zsa zsa zsu…'”  The zsa zsa zsu has led my astray, but I treasure the memory of it. There are other types of love, too. Friendship, filial, and of course the love between humans and our companion animals. "Elsewhere" plays no role in these.

2. Have you ever given a shot? Nope.

3. Can you lick your elbow? (Come on, didja try?) Nope, and yes I did try.

4. If I was going to be talking to you for 10 minutes, what would be something really interesting you know a little bit about but would like to know more? President Eisenhower. I keep meaning to find a good biography of him that I can dive into and learn more. 

5. What do you think of the Sopranos? I don't really. I watched the first season but it never grasped me. Maybe I'll revisit it now.

6. Have you ever had a crush on your teacher?  How about your boss? Teacher, yes. Boss, no.

7. Have you ever seen a movie in 3D? In March I saw Titanic in 3D. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

8. How difficult do you think it is for immigrants to come into your country? Very. Especially since so many politicians have worked so hard to demonize them. (How terribly "Christian" of those self-proclaimed Christians!)

9. Do you have what it takes to go live in another country, maybe for years, where you don't speak the language as your first language? Nope. It must take a tremendous amount of courage. My grandfather had such stories and he always made it seem like a grand adventure. Now that I'm an adult, I'd love to ask him about the loneliness he must have felt, the fear of the unknown.

10. Have you ever died in your dreams? Nope.

11. What book should our political leaders read and why? Not a book but legal papers: the Trump indictments. Then maybe they would stop misleading their constituents about any false equivalencies between Trump's handling of classified documents and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden or Mike Pence. It's all there in the filings and it's all heinous. Of course, whether or not their constituents would believe the truth is another issue. As Trump himself said, "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and not lose voters." It's apparently true. All those "God bless President Trump" folks: are they proud of that?

12. What is your favorite glass object? My Grandpa's ceramic cable car. He used it to store his cufflinks and his licorice throat lozenges. It's one of my treasures.

13. Do you like to window shop? Yes.

14. Are you more likely to buy one really nice expensive outfit or a couple of cheap outfits? I'll go cheap.

15. If you could, would you wear everything once, throw it out and buy something new? No! Our planet is in peril, people! Let's be thoughtful about what goes into the landfill. Plus there's something glorious about timeless fashion. Here are Tatiana Schlossberg, her mother Caroline Kennedy, and her grandmother Jacqueline Onassis all wearing the same 1972 Valentino. (Unlike my answer to #14, Jackie never went cheap.)

8 in a row!

My guys are on a streak! The Cubs have won their last 8, and 9 of their last 10. Blessed to be in the league's worst division,  they're only 3 games out of first place. So, even though this team has over the season lost as many as it has won, the playoffs are definitely within reach. 

This last series has been emotional for me because it's Cubs-Cards, the greatest rivalry in sports.* For now Willson Contreras is a Cardinal. My goddam backstop in the 2016 World Series is now one of Them! I simply cannot cheer against Willie. It's not in me. While of course I want the Cubs to prevail (in my baseball and my politics, I root for blue over red), I wish Willie well personally. Once my guy, always my guy.

Which naturally leads me to ...

Anthony Rizzo is not out of it yet, either. The Yankees are in last place, but their record is actually better than the Cubs'. Their division is just tougher. But they're only 3.5 games out of the play-offs (and first place, for that matter). It's doable with Judge back and with Rizz getting on base again. I know him, I've been watching him for a decade now. Yankee fans want him to go yard with every at-bat, and I'm sure he'd prefer that, too, but he's getting singles, taking walks, getting hit by pitches. At this stage in the season, he's concentrating on getting on base, and that's such an improvement over all those strike outs he endured during his "power outage."

God, I love baseball!

*Yeah, I know about Yankees-Red Sox and am firmly on the Yankees side, but I just don't feel Cubs-Cardinals passion there. In fact, the Yankees seem more jacked to be playing the Orioles. I think the New York media is just used to that Yankees-Red Sox storyline.