Friday, June 20, 2014

Suddenly swamped

We're very busy at work all of a sudden.

My individual project is updating and refreshing our client's web pages, and it's been challenging. Our account exec is highly political and very tightly wound. Plus this is a medium I'm not very adept in (yet). But I'm learning a lot and I completely adore one of our digital guys, Joshua. Best of all, I feel I'm definitely adding value and helping to build our client's business. That is, after all, what I'm paid to do!

My boss has joined the rest of management one layer above me to work on a big presentation, noon on Monday, to try to win more of our client's business. (Or at the very least preserve what we have.) When I left today, they all seemed to feel good about the deck. Which is good because this is important.

So while it's been stressful, it's made the week zip by and left me feeling productive.