Sunday, April 04, 2021

The movies can't change, so I must have

I have been having my own little film festival, going through my DVR before I lose all the movies I've collected over the years. This weekend I watched Three Days of the Condor.

I used to love this movie. First when I saw it at the theater when I was still in high school, then in repeated viewings -- Blockbuster rental, cable and now, finally, DVR. I recalled it as suspenseful and fast moving, with a little romance thrown in.

This weekend, I thought superficial and not especially engaging.

How can that be? I adore circa 1970s Robert Redford! Sydney Pollack is one of my favorite directors! I always thought they did their best work together. And yet this weekend, I was all "eh."

And interestingly, Faye Dunaway -- an actress I usually dismiss as pretentious* -- struck me as warm and funny.

Go figure.

*Except as Bonnie. I loved her in Bonnie and Clyde.

Celebrate spring

 First pitch @ 1:20 PM.