Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Stealing

The Currently Meme

Currently, I am ...
  • Reading The Chairman, the second volume of the Kaplan's Sinatra biography
  • Writing a series of emails on behalf of my client. It's boring, but it's incremental billing.
  • Playing a lot of Farmville 2.
  • Watching a documentary about the Bee Gees. I didn't know Maurice pronounced his name "Morris."
  • Trying to stay upbeat
  • Cooking What is this cooking of which you speak?
  • Drinking ginger ale
  • Calling The only call I made today was to the local consignment shop. They sold one of my sweaters, so I have a store credit for $8 I can use ... maybe for a necklace or a ring. They often have nice jewelry there.
  • Pinning I haven't visited my Pinterest account in, like, forever
  • Tweeting Ditto
  • Crafting an excuse to not do housework
  • Doing Sunday Stealing
  • Going to Carson's tomorrow. It's The Goodwill Sale. Yea! I will divest myself of a pair of perfectly usable tennis shoes and some linens and come home with nice, new things.
  • Loving being able to eat again. I was on a restricted diet for more than two months and I appreciate food so much more now.
  • Hating my home. I have to get my mind around the fact that I can't finish my bathroom remodel. It's hard. I was really looking forward to it.
  • Re-Discovering ... hmm ... nothing comes to mind. Sorry.
  • Enjoying dreaming that I'm the one with the lottery ticket worth $27 million. Until I check it, I can continue to fantasize that it's me.
  • Thinking that I want that drumstick in the refrigerator.
  • Feeling like something good is bound to happen.
  • Missing baseball. Cubs opening day is April 4!
  • Hoping to find the perfect gift for my niece's graduation. She's finally done with culinary school. I know she wants cash, but I'd like to give her something whimsical along with the check. Something like these earrings.
  • Listening to a commercial for Myrbetriq, a drug for overactive bladder. Really. That's what's on!
  • Celebrating that I'm starting to feel better and stronger
  • Smelling that chicken in the kitchen
  • Thanking God that my cats, Connie and Reynaldo, are healthy and happy
  • Considering knocking off another chapter in that Sinatra book
  • Starting to think about my spring pedi. I'm leaning toward an opaque beige.