Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sight seen

I don't drive -- never have -- so there's a whole aspect of life that I haven't experienced. Today's observation was a revelation.

As I was crossing Michigan and Randolph this morning, late as usual, I saw a woman stop traffic by getting out of her car. She wanted to see what she'd hit. It was a traffic cone, completely squashed, flat as a pancake. She dragged it out and tossed it on the median before getting back in her car and driving off.

At lunchtime, I crossed at the same spot. The cone was still on the median, but it had sprung back to its previous glory. It was dirty and tire-marked, but it was standing tall and proud.

Those suckers must be indestructible!

2013 August Happiness Challenge -- Day 26

Today's happiness: The new bathroom. The remodeled restrooms at work are just about done and they are amazing. The wallpaper, the sinks, the stall doors are all downright elegant. The sensors on the faucets are a little too sensitive and finicky -- you have to have your hands in exactly the right spot to keep the water running. But in all, it's pretty awesome.