Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A great day in Herstory

Today I wore my regular jeans, with the fly, all day! This is major. First time I've made it 8+ hours in more than two months. I'd be lying if I didn't admit to a wee bit of discomfort now, as 5:00 rolls into 6:00. OK, I would dearly love to undo the top button and sit here like Homer Simpson. But still, this is a major accomplishment in healing!

You see, my incision is about 6" long and runs straight down from my naval, tracking right along the fly. As it flattens and turns into a plain old garden variety scar, wearing my beloved jeans will become more and more comfortable.

I also rode the Lifecycle at the health club AND did leg presses. Both of these exercises require raising my knees ... previously verboten post-op. I found that the bike did make me have to pee and the leg presses made my incision itch and hum. But I know that the former is just because my bladder is getting used to its slightly new position in the neighborhood and the latter is because the muscles and nerves that were severed in surgery are reconnecting.

In all, I am a happy Gal because I am beginning to feel more like myself again. And one of the best things about this adventure is that I'm learning how much I like me and my life!