Wednesday, August 09, 2023

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 9

My 2023 Happiness Icon

Today's Happiness: Feathers on the end of a wand

It was bound to happen: today my happiness is reflected by my happiness icon.

Roy Hobbs was chunky when I adopted him. Almost 2 years and 2 lbs. later, he is fat. In addition to having an indefatigable appetite, he has no interest in moving. This is not a recipe for weight loss.

He doesn't care for the catnip mice, balls and pom-poms that so amuse Connie. So I went in a different direction and came home with a "bird." Really just feathers at the end of a wand. I loved watching Roy Hobbs chasing and leaping to get those feathers. His face was puffy, his eyes were bright, and he was engaged and happy. And so I was happy, too.


August Happiness Challenge -- Day 8

My 2023 Happiness Icon

Today's Happiness: 57%

That's how many Ohio voters rejected Issue One. I worked on this election, encouraging registered Ohio Democrats to vote no and directing them to a website so they could find their polling place.

That's all I said. My postcards were handwritten, and so less was more. I didn't get into how cynical and ugly it was for the Ohio GOP to set up a single issue special election in August, when most voters aren't paying attention. Just "Your Vote Matters!", please vote no, and here's where.

I paid for the cards. I paid for the postage. I grabbed the ballpoint. Doing something feels better than doing nothing.