Sunday, November 21, 2021

Pity Party, Table for One

Tomorrow is my birthday. Elaine from movie group and I were going to have dinner together at one of my favorite newly-reopened restaurants, The Madison Tavern.

She just called to cancel. She's in the ER. She was the second car in a three-car accident on Michigan Avenue and her airbag deployed. She's in shock and her chest hurts.

And I'm sad because now I have no birthday plans. Shame on me.

There are five gifts and a card on my sofa, waiting for me to tear into. People have suffered worse fates.

I'll see John for Thanksgiving and my birthday on Thursday. Kathleen keeps saying we'll get together, but she had to take time off work and now she's working crazy hours so while she keeps floating ideas, dates and times out there, she doesn't commit to anything. Joanna will no doubt reach out tomorrow, when Facebook reminds her it's my birthday.

Elaine is in the hospital, Gal. Hurt and scared. Get over yourself!